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'Lockdown Made It Harder'

Illustrated by Prapti Solanki


City: Delhi

Age: 22

Number of Abortions: One

Marital Status During Abortion: Unmarried


The Story
I found out I was pregnant a little more than a week before writing this, around two months into the lockdown
due to COVID. I was peeing on the stick and I knew in my heart that it would be positive. I had been feeling
different - very hormonal for a while. My body was telling me that I was going through change. However, both
my partner and I were not ready to bring a child into this world right now. I freaked out when I found out I was
positive mainly because lockdown made it harder to find help. Fortunately, I had a gynaec nearby that helped
me out. A larger part of me was scared that the doctor might be judgmental but she made me feel comfortable
and calm. Though there was pain involved, I felt more emotionally drained throughout the whole process.
However, I’m glad to be living in a time and place where such resources are available for young women like
us. I’m so grateful.

What I Wish was Different
Honestly, nothing.

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