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'There Was No Judgement'

Illustrated by Prapti Solanki


City: Mumbai

Age: 34

Number of Abortions: One

Marital Status during Abortion: Married

The Story
We had an unplanned pregnancy. Through a friend, I found a good gynaecologist. I picked one in a different
area from where I lived as I did not want my parents or in-laws to know as one of them is a doctor. The doctor
I went to was great. She asked once or twice if we were sure but there was no judgement. She was very helpful
in explaining the procedure and being available for anything we needed. It procedure was far more painful than
I imagined. Luckily, I had a friend as well who had been through abortions so she was able to give me small
tips like buying extra-large pads and keeping a dustbin in the bathroom.


What I wish was different
I think during the abortion everything was okay. My husband, doctor, work and friends were all super
supportive. Our families still do not know this happened. I wish we could tell them but I know that they would
not be okay.

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